About us...

Principal Geek and Company Director is me, Martin Phillips. My CV is linked from the menu, as are various pages about my experience and thoughts. I started work within the CEGB Research Division in 1979, looking then at issues surrounding Cs-137 release and deposition in AGRs. The CEGB was carved up for privatisation, with the part I worked in becoming National Power (Nuclear). National Power didn't want the nuclear bit, which became Nuclear Electric. In turn, Magnox Electric was separated off before being taken over (or "merged" as the politicians put it) by BNFL. I ended up in the Reactor Decommissioning Unit. BNFL went through regular reorganisations, with the RDU (after several later palimpsests) ending up as British Nuclear Group Project Services. This was purchased by VT Group in 2008, which in turn was swallowed by Babcock International in 2010.

I have had experience of possibly every management fad and initiative known, but have survived them all. Performance Management, Total Quality Management, Teamwork for Performance, I3 (something like Initiative, Innovation and another word beginning with I - it was noted that "Intelligence" wasn't one of the abbreviations, provoking a possibly career-limiting scowl from a manager). There were plenty of others, long since consigned to the obscurity of being overshadowed by the next offering of bovine waste. I would like to think that they made a difference. (The one which really did make a difference was when a very senior manager stood up and seriously told us that we were going to sell "vapourware" - and he didn't mean steam-raising plant. It may have been at that point that I decided that enough was enough).

Katrina Douglas is Company Secretary and accountant. She trained as a mathematician / physicist, did an MSc in Radiation Physics and worked in medical physics for a while before joining the Dark Side and training as a chartered accountant. She is now a FCA.

Rachel Douglas-Phillips does the company artwork and is willing to take commissions. She told me that she "didn't do three-eyed sheep" but a wad of notes persuaded her otherwise. She is very artistic.

Francis Douglas-Phillips is political commissar and food tester. Otherwise, we are wondering what use he is.   

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